Templar of Nibenay


Jin, as are most other Shadowbrides, is an attractive human female. However, she has more modesty than most of Nibenay’s templars, choosing to wear dark colored clothing to accentuate her form against the bright Athas landscape. Unknown to most, she has several black-blue opalescent scales which she conceals under her clothing.


Ambitious and ruthless, Jin is always on the look out for how to advance herself (even if it is at the expense of others). Having been raised since early childhood to be a Shadowbride, she has known nothing else. She has an innate talent for defiling magic and a particular affinity towards using lightning.

As of late she has been traveling with a group of adventurers because they make her job easier. Although they don’t trust her, they seem to put up with her if only for her talents. Recently she has recruited these companions to take part in the Highsun Festival. Through teamwork and general excellence they were able to overcome the team of Dray they fought against as well as the surprises of the arena. Currently she hold two fragments of a dark artifact which draws her to the South. She resists the compulsion to seek out the remaining fragments because she believes there is a current greater threat to Athas than this artifact. Talking with Ja’Im and her recent dreams make her believe that she should return to Draj.


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