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  • Hijo

    Born in a noble family in Raam, Hijo was orphaned when his father was killed in a battle with the Nawab Noble "House Magestine":Magestine and his mother, "Adrana":Adrana, was killed by a sand bride while fleeing the city. He was taken in by his aunt " …

  • Xanster Sebrine

    The leader of the [[Raam Redeemers]] and an offspring of the sorcerer-queen Abalach-Re. He was dedicated to bringing down [[House Magestine]] and dethroning the sorcerer-queen. In RAAM 01 - Redemption, he was killed by [[:marz | Marz]], Takala, [[:jin | …

  • Crufeir

    The headmaster of the [[House of the Mind]] in Draj. Crufeir is a competent psion, and has taken it upon himself to personally train [[:hijo | Hijo]].

  • Ja'Im

    Ja'Im was born and raised to merchant parents in the Silt Archipelago. He and his closest friend, a half-giant named Amyntor, grew up enjoying the freedom offered there. However, once Ja'Im's psionic abilities began to manifest his community became …