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  • ROAD 01

    DM: Alek Level: 7 As the adventurers neared the city of Raam, they found themselves observing an all-out war raging between two Nawab houses. A half-elf noblewoman named [[:adrana | Adrana ]] and her son [[:hijo | Hijo]] begged them for help reaching …

  • DRAJ 01

    DM: Alek Level: 8 Shortly after the adventurers escorted [[:hijo | Hijo]] to Draj to attend the [[House of the Mind | House of the Mind]], a messenger arrived bearing the news that Hamanu, sorcerer-king of Urik, was claiming the child as a citizen of …

  • Crufeir

    The headmaster of the [[House of the Mind]] in Draj. Crufeir is a competent psion, and has taken it upon himself to personally train [[:hijo | Hijo]].