Tag: Human


  • Xanster Sebrine

    The leader of the [[Raam Redeemers]] and an offspring of the sorcerer-queen Abalach-Re. He was dedicated to bringing down [[House Magestine]] and dethroning the sorcerer-queen. In RAAM 01 - Redemption, he was killed by [[:marz | Marz]], Takala, [[:jin | …

  • Crufeir

    The headmaster of the [[House of the Mind]] in Draj. Crufeir is a competent psion, and has taken it upon himself to personally train [[:hijo | Hijo]].

  • Jin

    Ambitious and ruthless, Jin is always on the look out for how to advance herself (even if it is at the expense of others). Having been raised since early childhood to be a Shadowbride, she has known nothing else. She has an innate talent for defiling …

  • Ja'Im

    Ja'Im was born and raised to merchant parents in the Silt Archipelago. He and his closest friend, a half-giant named Amyntor, grew up enjoying the freedom offered there. However, once Ja'Im's psionic abilities began to manifest his community became …