Beneath the Athasian Sun

The Road to Nibenay
Where danger lurks

Party: Marz, Jin, Ja’Im, Kat’chka, Mina

While travelling along the road toward Nibenay, the players realized that they were being followed by a group of gith. They prepared an ambush for the gith and handily defeated them. The gith had a number of Urikite coins, suggesting that they had been paid by someone from Urik. The adventurers continued along the road, when they heard a rumbling sound in the distance, getting louder and louder. A cloud of dust could be seen on the horizon, and as it grew bigger it became clear that it was a large beast charging toward them. They prepared for battle as a mekillot being ridden by a giant in yellow arrived. They fought the giant, and found that he was a templar of Hamanu and wielded defiling magic. The group held him hostage as he related that he was a brogh who had his two lower arms severed. He was a renegade from his kind, ostracized for his latent magical talents. When Marz decided to kill him, he brought his hammer down on the head of the giant only to have the giant turn to sand and fly off in the wind. The group proceeded to Nibenay, where Jin returned to her superiors, and Marz and Ja’Im went to contact the Veiled Alliance.

Echoes of the Past

Party: Jin, Marz, Lia
Marz was contacted by the Veiled Alliance member Birk Suntouched, who asked him and his friends to accompany him to the ruined city of Yaramuke to collect the components for a dragon transformation ritual to destroy them before they fell into the wrong hands. The party made their way into the ruins, and eventually to the lab of Sielba. There, they fought their way through numerous undead, including a number of mummies, an undead drake, and a group of vampires and wraiths. They collected the artifacts and the ritual book, but Birk said the book was a fake. He was magically compelled to read from it, and his body split into three vicious beasts who were handily defeated by the PCs. The real ritual book is in an unknown location.


Party for RAAM 01: Jin, Ja’Im, Marz, Blint/Takala

After helping Hijo in the House of the Mind in DRAJ 01, the players received some work escorting a merchant back to Raam. As they neared the city, they noticed a surprisingly large number of travelers heading away from the city. The merchant recognized a member of his house, who informed him that the situation in Raam was dire. He paid the adventurers and turned back toward Draj. The players approached the outskirts of town to find that House Magestine had overtaken most of the Nawab houses on the outside of town. Skirting the Magestine patrols, the adventurers found their way to the last pocket of resistance, an alliance between the still unconquered Nawab houses and the Raam Redeemers. There, Xanster Sebrine hired the adventurers with the promise of metal weapons if they succeeded in his task. He sent them to free a large stable of gladiators that the Magestine were keeping under minimal guard.

The adventurers found a number of Brogh and halflings guarding the gladiators. The resulting battle was bloody and vicious, and the brave and heroic Blint was slain in battle. Luckily, Takala happened to suddenly show up. The gladiators agreed to join the fight on the side of the adventurers, and they began heading toward the battlefield in the southwest portion of the city outskirts. Along the way, the party was stopped and attacked by a Magestine patrol, but they made it through. One of the gladiators handed them a letter for Xanster, claiming she was raised with him. The party agreed to deliver it, and soon they were in the temple where the resistance was situated.

Gone was the hustle and bustle of preparation for battle, and the temple was far more empty than it had been before. Xanster took the letter, but could not read the dwarven writing, so Marz read it aloud to him. Unfortunately, the words in the letter set off a psychic trigger in Xanster, who transformed into a giant psychic abomination. The adventurers defeated the abomination, and received a last message from Xanster in the form of psionically imbued crystals, who told them that he was a son of Abalach-Re, and she had caused this to happen. He also told them that he his father had another child years after he left the side of the sorcerer queen. The boy was a member of a noble family and had powerful latent psionic abilities, but he was now missing. The adventurers surmised that he was referring to Hijo. Xanster’s mind faded from the crystals and the party was left able to sell them.

Suddenly a stillness filled the air and a woman with an aura of pure malevolence entered the temple. She was the sorcerer queen Abalach-Re, and she gloated about how she had spurred on the conflict and kept the sides relatively balanced so as to destroy any competition to her while expending minimal resources. As the balance in the conflict shifted toward one side or the other, her templars tipped the scales in the opposite direction, until both House Magestine and the Raam Redeemers had effectively destroyed themselves.

SPEC 1-2: Fragments of History
Archeology at the behest of House Ahala

The players were hired by an old contact of theirs in the city of Balic: Mynec of the merchant house Ahala.

They investigated the new discovery that Mynec had purchased from an information dealer. However, Mynec was not the only one who bought the location of this historical find. The players quickly departed Balic to find out what was buried on an island in the Sea of Silt.

They came across some adventurers who were clearing it out first. Then they got ambushed by some templars from Balic.

Finally possessing the key to the locked door they ventured further into the forgotten lair…

The House of the Mind

DM: Alek
Level: 8

Shortly after the adventurers escorted Hijo to Draj to attend the House of the Mind, a messenger arrived bearing the news that Hamanu, sorcerer-king of Urik, was claiming the child as a citizen of Urik and sending a group of templars to force him into Urik’s psionic academy and subsequent compulsory service to Hamanu himself. The messenger reveals herself to be Melaira, Hijo’s aunt, along with her half-giant bodyguard. She was travelling in disguise because her husband had ties to the templars of Hamanu, and he did not want her warning the child.

The adventurers were asked to warn Hijo and keep an eye on him. They entered the House of the Mind, where they were greeted by Crufeir, the headmaster. They were led to Hijo in the mess hall, but when the adventurers tried to give warning to the child, the soldiers of Hamanu burst in the door and began demanding his return. Hijo fled up the stairs, and the adventurers fought the first wave of Urikites, led by a templar. Crufeir used his psionic powers to disappear as the adventurers valiantly defeated the guards in the foyer, only to hear the sounds of combat upstairs. They quickly followed the noise.

As the adventurers arrived on the second floor, they witnessed a pair of templars closing in on Hijo. The boy shouted a single word, “NO!” and the pursuing soldiers stopped in their tracks and let him go. They then turned their sights on the adventurers, and their allies, a pair of halfling mercenaries and a half-giant, engaged the adventurers in battle. After our heroes fought their way through the villains, they arrived on the third floor to see a huge half-giant flanked by templars and several shard creatures. They also caught of glimpse of Hijo escaping to the rooftop. The adventurers easily defeated the templars and arrived on the rooftop of the House of the Mind.

Suddenly, the air grew still and all sound seemed to silence. A strange golden beast was moving toward Hijo, who had his back against the edge of the roof. The beast shifted form and became a human in a full suit of gleaming golden armor. The adventurers recognized this as Hamanu, sorcerer-king of Urik. One of the adventurers charged him, only to be casually grabbed and thrown effortlessly off the rooftop. As he closed in on Hijo, the child steeled himself and shouted “Go away!” The words emerged with tremendous force, and the image of Hamanu, a mere psychic projection, was blown away in the wind.

The adventurers were thanked by Crufeir for saving his academy, and they each received mild psionic training. Melaira paid the adventurers handsomely as well. With the Draj guard aware that Hamanu had attempted to interfere with operations within the city, the templars of Tectuktitlay placed the House of the Mind under their protection.

Child of Fate

DM: Alek
Level: 7

As the adventurers neared the city of Raam, they found themselves observing an all-out war raging between two Nawab houses. A half-elf noblewoman named Adrana and her son Hijo begged them for help reaching her sister’s estate in Urik. Her husband had been killed in the fighting by House Magestine and her home had been ransacked. After suitable payment was arranged, the adventurers led the woman and child along the Road of Kings. Along the way, Hijo slowly began to show signs that he was hiding something. He mentioned to one of adventurers that he sometimes could hear the sound of bells echoing through the desert.

They stopped at an oasis for a rest, but a group of belgoi attacked and dragged the child off to their cave lair. The adventurers followed, leaving Adrana behind at her insistence, and rescued Hijo from the belgoi leader and his pet fire drake. The belgoi told the adventurers that he had taken Hijo because the child had a powerful psionic aura and the belgoi tribe were hoping to steal his power. After the adventurers defeated the drake and the belgoi, they returned to the oasis, but Adrana was acting strangely.

The real Adrana had been killed and replaced by a sand bride. The adventurers defeated the sand brides and helped the devastated Hijo reunite with his aunt Melaira in Urik, who decided to enroll him in the House of the Mind in Draj where his talents would be carefully nurtured. Between adventures, the adventurers quietly escort Hijo to Draj.


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