Marz for the most part resembles most other Muls: muscled, large, well built, hairless, and with tattoos. His back is scarred with numerous whip marks, courtesy of his years living as a slave. However, other than the well-made weapons and armor he has claimed from Templar he has killed, what sets him apart is the quiet intensity in his eyes, which is at odds with his often laid-back nature.

He has told almost nobody about how, the day he gained his freedom, he swore to himself to never rest until the Sorcerer-Kings were toppled. Perhaps one can attribute his foolhardy quest to the stubbornness of a Mul.


Marz was bred and born like the thousands of other Mul slaves in Athas. From the earliest age he was put to work in the obsidian mines of Urik, and later conscripted into Hamanu’s slave armies, where he took part in one of the numerous wars between the city states.

One day, far from Urik while on patrol, his unit was ambushed, the ambushers assassinating the Templar and defiler in command of the unit. Suddenly master-less, some of the more broken slaves fled back to Urik, where under the suspicion of revolting they were executed. Most of the rest fled, now escaped slaves. Marz, however, felt a kindred with these strange assassins, members of a strange order called the “Veiled Alliance” who so openly defied the power of the Sorcerer Kings and the Templar, and went with them. The Veiled Alliance was glad to have a Mul as a bodyguard for one of their own, and inducted him into their order as a guardian.

Then the preserver he was protecting died while battling a powerful defiler. Such is the way of Athas. Marz wasn’t given another preserver to protect, and so has been wandering the world, seeing the sights, and testing his might against the various Templar he meets. So far, there have been many close calls, but none has proven his better, yet. He and Jin have an understanding of sorts, however.


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