Beneath the Athasian Sun

The Road to Nibenay

Where danger lurks

Party: Marz, Jin, Ja’Im, Kat’chka, Mina

While travelling along the road toward Nibenay, the players realized that they were being followed by a group of gith. They prepared an ambush for the gith and handily defeated them. The gith had a number of Urikite coins, suggesting that they had been paid by someone from Urik. The adventurers continued along the road, when they heard a rumbling sound in the distance, getting louder and louder. A cloud of dust could be seen on the horizon, and as it grew bigger it became clear that it was a large beast charging toward them. They prepared for battle as a mekillot being ridden by a giant in yellow arrived. They fought the giant, and found that he was a templar of Hamanu and wielded defiling magic. The group held him hostage as he related that he was a brogh who had his two lower arms severed. He was a renegade from his kind, ostracized for his latent magical talents. When Marz decided to kill him, he brought his hammer down on the head of the giant only to have the giant turn to sand and fly off in the wind. The group proceeded to Nibenay, where Jin returned to her superiors, and Marz and Ja’Im went to contact the Veiled Alliance.


Hey, I remember this campaign!

The Road to Nibenay

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