Beneath the Athasian Sun


Echoes of the Past

Party: Jin, Marz, Lia
Marz was contacted by the Veiled Alliance member Birk Suntouched, who asked him and his friends to accompany him to the ruined city of Yaramuke to collect the components for a dragon transformation ritual to destroy them before they fell into the wrong hands. The party made their way into the ruins, and eventually to the lab of Sielba. There, they fought their way through numerous undead, including a number of mummies, an undead drake, and a group of vampires and wraiths. They collected the artifacts and the ritual book, but Birk said the book was a fake. He was magically compelled to read from it, and his body split into three vicious beasts who were handily defeated by the PCs. The real ritual book is in an unknown location.



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