Beneath the Athasian Sun


Child of Fate

DM: Alek
Level: 7

As the adventurers neared the city of Raam, they found themselves observing an all-out war raging between two Nawab houses. A half-elf noblewoman named Adrana and her son Hijo begged them for help reaching her sister’s estate in Urik. Her husband had been killed in the fighting by House Magestine and her home had been ransacked. After suitable payment was arranged, the adventurers led the woman and child along the Road of Kings. Along the way, Hijo slowly began to show signs that he was hiding something. He mentioned to one of adventurers that he sometimes could hear the sound of bells echoing through the desert.

They stopped at an oasis for a rest, but a group of belgoi attacked and dragged the child off to their cave lair. The adventurers followed, leaving Adrana behind at her insistence, and rescued Hijo from the belgoi leader and his pet fire drake. The belgoi told the adventurers that he had taken Hijo because the child had a powerful psionic aura and the belgoi tribe were hoping to steal his power. After the adventurers defeated the drake and the belgoi, they returned to the oasis, but Adrana was acting strangely.

The real Adrana had been killed and replaced by a sand bride. The adventurers defeated the sand brides and helped the devastated Hijo reunite with his aunt Melaira in Urik, who decided to enroll him in the House of the Mind in Draj where his talents would be carefully nurtured. Between adventures, the adventurers quietly escort Hijo to Draj.



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