Beneath the Athasian Sun



Party for RAAM 01: Jin, Ja’Im, Marz, Blint/Takala

After helping Hijo in the House of the Mind in DRAJ 01, the players received some work escorting a merchant back to Raam. As they neared the city, they noticed a surprisingly large number of travelers heading away from the city. The merchant recognized a member of his house, who informed him that the situation in Raam was dire. He paid the adventurers and turned back toward Draj. The players approached the outskirts of town to find that House Magestine had overtaken most of the Nawab houses on the outside of town. Skirting the Magestine patrols, the adventurers found their way to the last pocket of resistance, an alliance between the still unconquered Nawab houses and the Raam Redeemers. There, Xanster Sebrine hired the adventurers with the promise of metal weapons if they succeeded in his task. He sent them to free a large stable of gladiators that the Magestine were keeping under minimal guard.

The adventurers found a number of Brogh and halflings guarding the gladiators. The resulting battle was bloody and vicious, and the brave and heroic Blint was slain in battle. Luckily, Takala happened to suddenly show up. The gladiators agreed to join the fight on the side of the adventurers, and they began heading toward the battlefield in the southwest portion of the city outskirts. Along the way, the party was stopped and attacked by a Magestine patrol, but they made it through. One of the gladiators handed them a letter for Xanster, claiming she was raised with him. The party agreed to deliver it, and soon they were in the temple where the resistance was situated.

Gone was the hustle and bustle of preparation for battle, and the temple was far more empty than it had been before. Xanster took the letter, but could not read the dwarven writing, so Marz read it aloud to him. Unfortunately, the words in the letter set off a psychic trigger in Xanster, who transformed into a giant psychic abomination. The adventurers defeated the abomination, and received a last message from Xanster in the form of psionically imbued crystals, who told them that he was a son of Abalach-Re, and she had caused this to happen. He also told them that he his father had another child years after he left the side of the sorcerer queen. The boy was a member of a noble family and had powerful latent psionic abilities, but he was now missing. The adventurers surmised that he was referring to Hijo. Xanster’s mind faded from the crystals and the party was left able to sell them.

Suddenly a stillness filled the air and a woman with an aura of pure malevolence entered the temple. She was the sorcerer queen Abalach-Re, and she gloated about how she had spurred on the conflict and kept the sides relatively balanced so as to destroy any competition to her while expending minimal resources. As the balance in the conflict shifted toward one side or the other, her templars tipped the scales in the opposite direction, until both House Magestine and the Raam Redeemers had effectively destroyed themselves.



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